Centuro Disc Brake
Centuro Disc Brake

Anti-theft With Engine Immobilizer

An inbuilt engine immobiliser that locks the engine and triggers a loud alarm when the wrong key is used.

Intelligent MCi-5 Engine

MicroChip-Ignited (MCi-5) curve engine with a patented lubrication system intelligently adapts to terrain; for unmatched pickup and mileage.

Find-me Lamps

One-of-a-kind Find-Me Lamps to remotely locate the bike even in crowded or dark parking lots.

Remote Flip Key

Even the Centuros key is one of a kind. A 96 bit encrypted key that flips open stylishly at the press of a button.

Guide Lamp

Lamps that light-up your path for some time after you've switched off the ignition.

Large Disc Brake

The Centuro 240 mm Disc brakes provides better braking in varying road and weather conditions. A faster and responsive braking mechanism means you will always brake with confidence.


The Centuro stands out in the crowd with its chiseled body, tattoo-like decals and a choice of 2 masculine colour options.

Tubeless Tyres

The tubeless tyres in the Disc brake model of Centuro are safer and more cost efficient than regular tyres. In case of a puncture the air leaks slowly, giving the rider enough time to control the vehicle and nearest tyre shop.

Distinct Golden Ribs

Golden ribs wrap around Centuro's fuel tank elegantly, reinforcing its Mahindra toughness.