Centuro Rockstar Kick Alloy
Centuro Rockstar Kick Alloy

Intelligent MCi-5 Engine

MicroChip-Ignited (MCi-5) curve engine with a patented lubrication system intelligently adapts to terrain; for unmatched pickup and mileage.

Stylish Flip Key

Even the Centuro Rockstar's key is one of a kind. Just push a button and it flips open stylishly.

Alloy Wheels

Thanks to the stylish alloy wheels, now driving a Rockstar makes you feel like one too.

Muscular Styling & Golden Ribs

Fiery red stripes, golden star decals and the golden metal ribs set the Centuro Rockstar apart from every other bike. Prepare to get noticed wherever you go.

Extra Long Seat

The Centuro Rockstar comes with an extra long seat to give the rider and the pillion rider unparalleled sitting comfort.

Led Tail Lamp

An LED tail lamp improves the bike's visibility on dark roads, making rides safer.

Handle-mounted Choke

Thanks to the choke mounted within reach on the handle bar, regulating the air/fuel mixture is convenient even in cold weather.