Duro Dz
Duro Dz

Powerful 125 cc DCDI Engine

Climb steep flyovers effortlessly even with a pillion rider, thanks to the powerful 125 cc engine that provides great pick up and acceleration.

Great Mileage

You now get more mileage, thanks to the Advanced Dual Curve Digital Ignition Engine. It auto-adjusts according to the load on the scooter, thereby optimizing fuel consumption and lets you enjoy the ride for a longer time.

Advanced Telescopic Suspension

Rough-n-tough roads aren't a problem anymore! The Advanced Telescopic Suspension ensures smooth ride over bumps and potholes, as compared to regular trailing suspensions.

Long Wheelbase

Stay safe and stable even at higher speeds or when manoeuvring through traffic snarls. The Duro DZ's 1270 mm wheelbase helps maintain greater stability on rough roads.

High Ground Clearance

The damage caused by speed-breakers and uneven roads are greatly reduced. All thanks to the 155 mm ground clearance of the Duro DZ. Its time to ride without a worry.

Broad Halogen Head Lamp

Better visibility leads to greater safety, especially at night. That's why the Duro DZ has a powerful Broad Halogen Head Lamp. This means brighter light, thrown in a wider arc that leads to improved visibility.

Extra-Large Fuel Tank

Long rides get longer, thanks to a 6.5 litre fuel tank, which also means fewer stops at the petrol pump.

Extra Spacious Under Seat Storage

With 20 litres storage under the seat, you can pack more than just your full size helmet.

Wide Stepped Seat

The extra-wide, ergonomically designed seats provide greater comfort, especially on long journeys.

Free Additional Front Storage

A thoughtfully-placed glove box with ample space inside, comes in handy when you can't live without your gadgets and other essentials.

Strong ABS Body

The strong ABS body is ultra light, ensuring that you spend less on maintenance.

Stylish Mudguard

The stylish new mudguard adds a fresh style quotient to your ride. Be prepared to turn heads while you ride.

Rear Brake Lock Lever

Safe rides on incline and also prevents the vehicle from rolling off.

Elegant tail lamp

Brighter than usual, the stylish tail lamp doesn't just increase vehicle visibility but also adds to the style of the scooter.