Height - Adjustable Seat

Here’s a feature you have always wanted. The Gusto is the first scooter in India that comes with a unique Height-Adjustable Seat. Now everyone in the family can effortlessly raise or lower the seat height to a position that suits them the best, for a comfortable and safe ride.

High Performance M-TEC Engine

Brace yourself with the thrills of this smooth 110 cc , 4-stroke, M-TEC engine. With an incredible mileage, it ensures that you don’t burn fuel when you burn up the road.

Remote Flip Key

Press a button and the key of the Gusto flips open like a switchblade. It even comes with a LED panel that illuminates the keyhole at night. It’s a perfect blend of style and substance.

Find-me Lamps

Can't find the Gusto in a crowded parking lot? Hit the button on the Flip Key. The vehicle will blink and beep to help you spot it in seconds.

Guide Lamp

The Gusto is the first scooter that thinks about you, even when you’re not riding it. Its Guide Lamp stays on for a few seconds after the ignition is turned off, helping you out in dark places.

Large Tubeless Tyres

Unlike the small 25.4 cm (10-inch) tyres other scooters have, the Gusto comes with extra-large 30.4 cm (12 inch) tyres to deliver rock-solid stability at any speed. They are also tubeless, making them much safer.

Telescopic Suspension With Air Springs

The Telescopic Suspension with Air Spring has a unique ability of making rough terrain virtually non-existent. Also, it's thoughtfully designed to offer exceptional stability and seriously precise handling.

Easy Front Kick

You'll never need to kick-start this scooter. But if you ever want to, don't bother getting off. The Gusto comes with a smartly designed Front Kick just like in motorcycles. Now kick-start the scooter, seated.

Quick Storage

The Gusto comes fitted with an innovative pocket-like storage facility just under the display panel. It’s thoughtfully designed and as the name suggests, it has a quick and easy access.

Packed With More Features

Bright Halogen Headlamp with LED Lamps.

Packed With More Features

Spacious Under Seat Storage.