Rodeo UZO 125

Easy Front Fuelling

The sporty Rodeo UZO 125 doesn't have to slow down, even when re-fuelling. The easy-to-operate front fuel lid lets you tank up, without ever getting off-your seat. Yet another feature no other scooter in India has.

Six Coloured Digital Dashboard

The all-digital dashboard on the new Rodeo UZO 125 is a thrill to behold. It's India’s only 8-feature, all-digital dashboard with a clear bright screen that can switch between 6 colours. It displays everything from speed, distance and rpm to time and fuel status. And is so advanced, it has an acceleration timer to let you record lap times.

Powerful 125cc Engine

Zip down the streets like they were racetracks, with the powerful 125 cc engine equipped with Advanced DCDI Technology and ATLA System. It's Throttle position Sensor (TPS) ensures lightning-fast response so you can finally enjoy the same power and pickup rally racers play with.

Mobile Charging Point

Stay charged and connected while you are on-the-go. Whether it's your mobile phone, Mp3 player or tablet, the ultra-convenient USB charging slot allows that.

Heavy Duty Telescopic Suspension

While you zip around on the Rodeo UZO125 the advanced telescopic front suspension keeps you steady and comfortable. It absorbs the bumps and dips of bad roads better than standard suspension technology. And has proven itself in some of the toughest off-road rallies.

Largest Illuminated Storage Space

The under-seat storage of the new Rodeo UZO 125 is auto-illuminated for your convenience. At 22 litres, it's the largest in its class, big enough to store a full-sized helmet.

4 In 1 Anti-theft Key

This special key locks the handle bar, fuel tank and also engages a magnetic shutter that blocks access to the key-hole, preventing theft. But the best part is that just one turn of this key can conveniently central locks the entire scooter.

Higher Ground Clearance

The new Rodeo UZO 125 sits high above the ground. This keeps you high above rocks and obstacles as you ride over uneven terrain.

Side-stand Safety Buzzer

The sporty new Rodeo UZO 125 makes your safety a priority too. It sounds a reminder alarm, should you forget to raise the side stand before riding off.